Pros And Cons Of Exploitation Of Technology

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It is astonishing to perceive how does exploitation of technology has contributed to the development of each and every fields of study. Consequently, innovation in all career sectors came possible while increased the productivity and efficiency in working. It is undeniable that, evolution of technology is the vital key for the progress of the world. Due to that, this era is addressed as the ‘modern era of technology’. This is why people nowadays are so obsessed with technology and dependent on it in order to improve their quality of living. This obsession has impacted creativity and communication a lot. However, there is no hundred percent assurance that this reliance on technology will always cause positive implications to humanity as every single matter has it pros and cons. Firstly, let’s start with creativity. Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. Our inventiveness started to improve dramatically from the moment when we Homo sapiens, started to make use of technology. As evidence, usage of stone tools by the earliest hominids to start fires, hunt and bury something indicates technology has started to impact humans. Consequently, the technology of using stones boosted the creativity of them to invent stone tools with aesthetic values. In the later eras, invention of many technologies like metal working, textile weaving and flood control developed their creativity and innovation while contributed to living a civilized life.
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