Plumbing Problems At Home

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Plumbing is crucial in every home because it supports cooking, cleaning, and bathing. That also means that plumbing problems are a major disruption and potential source of expensive repairs.

What 's worse is that many insurance policies exclude water damage from issues that aren 't fixed promptly or properly. That second part is particularly important. If you DIY a plumbing repair that fails and damages your home, there 's a good chance your insurance won 't cover it.

That 's also a good reason to make sure you pick a reliable plumbing pro for repairs.

The upshot is that most of the plumbing services the average home needs are commonplace. Let 's jump in and look at seven of them.
1. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is one of the
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Time is of the essence with a burst pipe, so call in professional plumbing services for this one.
4. Water Heater Problems

Water heater problems usually fall into one of two categories: no hot water or leaks. You 're best off calling a plumber for virtually all water heater-related problems.

There 's one version of the no hot water problem that 's fairly DIY-friendly. If the pilot light goes out on a gas water heater, you can try relighting it. If that fails, you can replace the thermocouple.

If you need a replacement water heater, it often means disconnecting and reconnecting an electrical or gas supply. Using a pro means you get an up to code installation, which can save you a lot of money down the road. You also avoid the hassle of draining and moving the old water heater.

What if the problem is a leaking pipe? Many hot water heaters connect to the rest of the system with a length of copper pipe.

Fixing a copper pipe often calls for cutting and soldering the pipe. If you don 't know what you 're doing, you can end up creating a leak that 's worse than the one you tried to
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6. Leaky Toilets

If your toilet runs all the time, it probably means part of the mechanism that lives in the tank is wearing out. You can try figuring out which part is malfunctioning or just replace the entire mechanism.

If you aren 't comfortable replacing the parts yourself or there 's flooding of any kind, call a plumber.
7. Broken Water Lines

Many homes get water from a city or town water supply system. In most cases, pipes run under the yard and connect to the city supply at the street.

Simple age, root growth from trees, or impacts from digging can damage the pipes running from your home to the street. Not only does that affect your water pressure and drive up your water bill, it can leave a portion of your yard soggy.

You should always enlist a licensed professional to fix damage to those pipes.
Parting Thoughts on Plumbing Services and Problems

There are plumbing problems you can fix yourself. Then there are problems that call for professional plumbing services.

Problems like faulty water heaters, burst pipes, broken water lines and flooding from any source are jobs for
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