Causes Of Survival In Jamestown

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Jamestown was a colony that was established along and around the James River or current day Virginia, by England in 1607. They believed that coming here would bring them riches, be able to convert Natives to Christianity. But between 1607-1610 lots of the colonists did not survive to live a long life in the New World. I believe the reason several Jamestown colonists died was due to the lack of food, lack of water, and the conflict with the Native Americans. One of the reasons that so many colonists did not survive was due to the lack of food. “The Lost Colony and Jamestown Drought,” shows the estimated amount of rain that Jamestown received over the years. Since rain affects plant growth, plants were not able to forw. This meant there was not a lot of plants or crops around. Ivor Neol Hume explains how the english colonists were hopeless enough to trade with the Natives for food. The colonists were very harsh and unfriendly with the Natives, so for them to be desperate enough to associate themselves with the Native Americans, you can imagine how much they were in need of food. And for the English colonists to just turn around heading back to England after going through all of the work to get the Native’s grain, just shows how poor their food supply was. According to Dennis B. Blanton, there was only an abundance of fish to feed on in the spring and early summer. The colonists were already dealing with the drought, but they were also not getting a ton of fish during the

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