Pros And Cons Of Police Brutality

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Why police are killing blacks? Police Brutality. What’s the point of them of killing innocent black people some don't deserve to die over a speeding ticket or just even maybe the way our skin color look.I intend to prove is stop it please!the pros of my argument is some police got sent to jail the cons is that the police killed them they are no longer to live on this earth. I chose this argument because the police killed my twin brother when i was 16 i can't sleep i can't do stuff i normally used to do without him i just miss him so much he meant so much to me now i only have my daddy. Black lives matter.
Why do police kill our people is about a unarmed teen being shot and killed just because a over ticket.the officer who killed roberson …show more content…

Makes us distrust the police. They're just another clique...act like a gang, you ARE a gang. Now why would I follow orders from a gang that I'm not a part of?Not to mention, when gang members try to pull me over they will not get my compliance. The tickets, summons, and subpoenas they hand out, are no different than the extortion fees you'd have to pay the Mafia. They're the "red tape mafia". One difference between them and the Mob is, when the Mob kidnaps, holds, tortures, and kills you, it's usually within the week. The "blue crew", kidnaps you, takes you to their "hideout", called jail, you could be there for months on end. Tortures you by a method called "Bubba", (amongst other tortures), and if they're really mad at you...they label you a child molester,(doesn't matter if you are or not), then their hands are clean. "Somebody must've gotten to 'em."I plead the 5th your dishonor. Here's the best part...if I did all that to one individual, they would call it, "murder 1st degree". When they do it, it's called administrative leave pending investigation. When we society kill someone, if we managed to get away with it the first time, and do it again, they the police, call us serial really how does that even …show more content…

And according to the lawsuit, the abuse for walking while Black didn’t stop there. Sad how you could beat someone for walking across the street at the wrong time. When Cain, 24, arrived at the City of Sacramento Jail he was placed in isolation ,despite having no history of mental illness, where he was beaten and humiliated by several officers, according to the lawsuit. Among the officers involved in the attack was Mr Figueroa, the arresting officer who was not initially identified publicly. No one knows what these cops be thinking are what they are about to do. Cain was just a black man trying to get home with no problems did not know he was going to be beaten for as they go thru the procces thru jail cain gets beaten by several more cops.That is why we see all cops as bad people because we never know by walking past them what will happen to us if we are going to be shot are beaten for something simple. As i continue on with mr cains case listen to how bad they treated him. The cops repeatedly kneed Mr. Cain in the ribs and used their knees to pin his body against the floor, while forcefully stripping his clothes off. At no point did any of the men tells Mr. Cain the dignity of removing his own clothes. Apparently they did not want to ask him to take off his clothes so they start by abusing and humiliating Mr. Cain, the men began to call him

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