Pros And Cons Of Prisons Being Released

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Prisoners Being Released As you have seen in the recent news headlines this past week, the Justice Department, (part of the Obama Administration) will be releasing 6,000 inmates from federal prisons starting at the end of this month. It is said to be “part of new sentencing guidelines for drug crimes established last year”(“Justice Department…”). It will be “one of the largest one-time releases of federal prisoners ever”(“Justice Department…”). The main reasoning for the new guidelines regarding drug crimes and the releases is because of all the overcrowding in prisons. It seems more logical to release non-violent offenders so there is room for the violent ones. Although it may seem as if all of the offenders will be “set free” back into society once they are released from …show more content…

Most of the offenders will “be transferred to halfway houses and, in certain cases, drug rehabilitation centers, approximately one-third will be handed over to ICE to face possible deportation”(“Justice Department…”) and there will also be some type of

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