Why We Should Raise Minimum Wage

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We should raise minimum wage read below to find out why. In america their are 564,708 homeless people in we were to raise minimum wage to try and get rid of this amount of homeless people in america. Some people argue that raising minimum wage would make worker benefits be the first to go in america. This however is not true because these companies would be able to make more money because people would have more money and they can spend some on things they want. People would have a higher work morale because they would be able to make a lot more money than before so they would be more happy to work longer hours. A pro of raising minimum wage could be that their would be reduced government welfare spending meaning more money for important things like our army. We would be able to build more schools and get everyone an education with all the extra money. With reduced government spending we would be able to put more money into food stamps so that less rich people would be able to supply more food to the house.Government welfare supplies things such as medicaid meaning …show more content…

If they raised the price than the people who make minimum would have to make more money so they would have to work two jobs making they spend less time with friends and family. Raising minimum wage would do absolutely nothing because it 's like if you had 2 dollars and something cost 4 you work a week get 20 dollars and then have 22 you can buy it but then the price raises to 26 dollars and so on. Finally people suggest the fact that even if you raise minimum wage than not all people would still want a job and it would be harder to find a job making the poor population either rise because of people getting fired or get better because of people finding

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