Increasing Minimum Wage

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“In fact, about three in four Americans support raising the minimum wage.” (Obama, 2014) Why do people want to increase the minimum wage? Let think of having a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, and for a McDonald meal cost around $6. People worked an average 8 hours per day, and if people are having 3 meals from McDonald every day; it had already spent more than 30% of daily wage of the working class. I define working class people as a group of people who get low paid or who work with low-skilled jobs. That means the working class don’t have enough money to spend, and it causes people living paychecks to paychecks. Many people assume that increasing the minimum wage will not be helpful and it will cause higher unemployment and inflation. However, …show more content…

Therefore, helping poverty is a major demand in the country due to a large group of impoverished people, and increase the minimum wage is beneficial to poverty people and also low paid workers. We can see that in the news or in some neighborhood, poverty people don’t have a good live because they can only or even can’t fulfil their basic needs. Increase minimum wage can improve their quality of living, because they have extra money to spend and fulfil their needs. Helping poverty people and increasing their income can absolutely reduce the group size of poverty. It is a good sign in every country, especially the United States, because there are 46.7 million people in poverty and this number had been increased past several years (U.S. Census Bureau, 2015). One of the most positive effect of increasing the minimum wage is attracting impoverished people to work rather than getting unemployment support. Some people would like to get unemployment support rather than work because the wage or salary is too low. Therefore, increasing minimum wage can be attractive to the poverty people that who are not willing to work, because there is no one wants to work when having similar amounts from unemployment benefits. Furthermore, the problem of inflation …show more content…

Increasing the minimum wage can be a component that make the economic stability, because it is beneficial to the labor market by providing more job opportunities and also the business by raising employee performance. In the case of the minimum wage had increased, low paid jobs have higher paid, then more people are willing to work that kind of jobs. Therefore, the humble jobs or other low paid jobs can hire enough people, and provide work opportunities. In fact, increase minimum wage will not increase unemployment, and in contrast, people will have more work opportunities. It is because economist had proved that increasing the minimum wage will not affect unemployment, and also some business such as retail store will hire more people when more people are willing to buy goods.
Additionally, Covert (2014) mentions that workers will not be cut off or be replaced by machines because humans can do something that technology can’t do. In this specific instance, machines and robots are only programmed for simple process, so when something sudden occurrence they couldn’t make choices or decision to deal with those problems. Therefore, human workers will not be replaced, because they are necessary to work in some position, and have control of the machines and

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