Pros And Cons Of Thomas Paine

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Thomas Paine described America through Common Sense. The book contains a deep thought about America. Thomas Paine wrote his ideas and feelings in the pamphlet. At that time, colonial America was confused about their independence and they were under British rule, so the book, Common Sense made more sense to the people. Common Sense was introduced to the people at the right time, so it became helpful to the people. Therefore, the book was a success. That time, it was hard to find people who haven’t read Paine’s Common Sense. According to Paine, 120,000 copies were sold in the first three months. No one was confused with the book because his arguments were understandable. He was straightforward about the issue. The main idea of the pamphlet was to have freedom from British rule. Therefore the book argued a lot of pros and cons if the colonists stayed under British rule. Thomas Paine questioned the justice and included many arguments for …show more content…

In this section, Paine is explaining inequality. In those days people were born in many ways, some were wealthy and others were poor. When a ruler chooses a king, he never chooses a king from the people or society. He always chooses king from wealthy families. For example, if a king is old and has a son, he passes his position to his son even if he is not mature enough to handle the responsibility of a king. The king does this to keep the power forever or for many other evil reasons. The son who becomes king would not do his duty because he cannot understand the needs and security of the people. In my opinion, the position of king is a power to secure the society therefore only the society should choose another king. The king should not have the power to replace his position. According to Paine, he disagrees to have a king because king should not rule over the people. Only God has the power to judge the people. He believes that whoever rules the society is similar to

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