Psychamine Persuasive Speech

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People have hard, unsafe drugs to escape from the problems they face in their daily life. Many kids suffer from depression as do adults and others that have gone through a lot in their life. And I know that many of them haven’t felt content in a long time, with a lot on their minds. Kids are a particularly relatable topic to this because many children go through a lot in their life, early in their life. My question is, “When should one be able to take a medication as serious as one like Psychamine.” A recent drug is about to be released called “Psychamine”. Many think that it doesn’t affect the body or put it in an unnatural state, but I believe that it’s still scary. It is different from other depression drugs, meaning it doesn 't change your state of mind, but it gets rid of all sad feelings below the line of contentment. If something sad were to happen, you would not feel sad about it until 12 hours after you ingested the pill. But before I discuss what I intend to do, I’d …show more content…

The people that are for having it over the counter say “theres no possible overdose” or “no possible addiction”, but I think that if Psychamine is available as a bottle of over the counter pills, people will abuse the use of it and just take excessive amounts of it. Thomas Fennel of Fennel Laboratories makes a good point, saying, “Maybe all the millions of dollars Americans are spending talking to their shrinks about their unhappy childhoods and marriages is just a waste. What if it’s just a chemical problem in their bodies. Why not treat it with a drug like Psychamine?” I actually agree with this point cause if you 're constantly angry, thinking about your past, it would probably be good for you to be able to be happy, or at least not having negative feelings for

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