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Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. It is sometimes referred to as mind and behavior. Thus, it involves almost everything in a human body, but goes deeper than just the science, because it involves behavior and mental processes. Psychology is simultaneously very old and very new. Throughout the semester, I learned about the six contemporary approaches and the approach which I felt benefited me the most as a person and in my spiritual growth was the psychodynamic approach. The Psychodynamic approach emphasizes three central points and was founded by Sigmund Freud. First, is how the childhood experiences influence adult personality. Second, is how the unconscious mental processes influence everyday behavior. Lastly, …show more content…

As for myself, I started realizing that how I was raised, did not allow me to be independent and achieve things on my own. Growing up, my father always helped me with all my homework, school projects, and in reality babied me to the point where I was never doing things by myself. I appreciate how much my father cared, but now I realized that it only hurt me and is causing me to struggle living on my own, and being independent in even the smallest tasks. Thankfully, once I realized that God was the only one who could give me that strength to overcome this challenge, I was able to begin praying for it. Now, I am slowly becoming more independent and less afraid to fail, because my faith is in God and he will not give me a task that I cannot …show more content…

When I was a child my personality was developed from the situations I went through and how I dealt with them. When I learned this, I realized that for that very reason I am such a positive person. My goals, my spirituality, and my friendships were all affected by the death of my sister in November 11, 2011. She died working for the government in Mexico, she was the personal assistant for the secretary of state, in a horrific helicopter accident. She was heading for a press conference and the helicopter crashed. This last month was the three year anniversary to my sister Diana’s death. I struggled greatly with it for years, not wanting friends, running from God, and fearing that I would not achieve as much as she did. Slowly coming closer to God and being at APU with a God first environment, I am letting go of those habits and becoming a new person. I see myself now as a young lady who is great in God’s eyes and nobody can make me feel insufficient. I stopped caring for friends, because I only wanted family and sometimes struggle, but overall I am much better off compared to a couple of years ago. I have also forgiven God for the loss of my sister and have developed a habit in thanking him. I remember that my mom would always teach me about how to be positive and that God would take care of me when times were difficult with friends, school, and just any situation that would come my way. I may struggle with feeling

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