Psychological Disorders Chapter Summary And Analysis

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The chapter ‘Psychological Disorders’ is an interesting chapter to read. The chapter covers many fascinating topics making people familiar with the psychological disorders, their diagnosis and classification, perspectives on psychological disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorder, Schizophrenia and many other disorders. According to Open Stax (2016), “A psychological disorder is a condition characterized by abnormal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.” Psychological disorder’s symptoms affect person’s multiple life areas and also causes distress (Open Stax, 2016). Psychological disorder can arise from severe emotional, physical, or sexual abuses, and major loss such as a death of someone in the family. Relationship problems, work or job related problems, financial problems sometimes causes stress and depression that also causes the problem of psychological disorder. Psychological disorder can cause life threatening complications in one’s life.
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His health condition is really very poor. He is struggling himself in distinguishing between what is real or what is not. Schizophrenia has greatly affected his thinking power, behavior and perception of looking at the world. He sees things that doesn’t even exist. He doesn’t communicate very clearly. The doctors describe the symptoms of his problem as the delusions and hallucinations. According to Open Stax (2016), “Delusions are beliefs that are contrary to reality and are firmly held even in the face of contradictory evidence.” On the other hand, Hallucinations is the “perceptual experience that occurs in the absence of external stimulation” (Open Stax,2016). Visual and auditory hallucinations are the main symptoms seen in him. He is not recovering at all but he is getting treatment with a combination of antipsychotic medications and psychotherapy. He is getting full support and encouragement from his friends and

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