Psychological Realism In Macbeth

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’Macbeth’ is a tragedy (rise and fall of the main character theme) written by English playwright and poet William Shakespeare and it is known by academics that it was first performed in 1606. It was first published in the Folio of 1623 as his shortest story ever written. He wrote it while England was under the rule of Reign of James 1st who was also patron of Shakespeare’s acting company. Macbeth dramatizes the damaging physical and psychological consequences of political greed on those who seek power for their own sake selfishly. Macbeth was performed countless times around the world in theaters and has been screened countless times featuring well known-famous actors and directors, especially in Europe and the USA. In my project I will be …show more content…

Polanski avoids visual effects in the scene of vanishment of weird sisters after their encounter with Macbeth and Banquo, unlike the play, where this scene is more dramatised. It seems like that director choose Macbeth’s point of view and be on his side, as directors. There is an atmosphere that Macbeth is not made to be a tragic figure and even Macduff’s young son’s death is more dramatic than Macbeth’s. Heroical Macduff made to seen not as part of God’s justice. There is a minor feeling that characters are forced by circumstances and less motivated by the ideas. Also ignorance can be felt which is opposite to Shakespeare’s original work. Roman Polanski completely interpreted Macbeth in his own vision and served the public with his model of Macbeth. Many great events seemed to make non important effect on Bugra Eren Dr Ivan Dodovski PhD Shakespeare Final Project 06.05.2017 Eren 6 us. The whole visual effect we experience is weak and it was not allowed to feel the fury and rage in the scene of duel between Macbeth and Macduff, it was slightly dull but definitely …show more content…

Polanski presented imagery more realistic while Welles’ film lacks realism. Polanski’s film explore the psychology of the characters’ inner conflicts and their humanistic motivation for deeds and following their chances as they drown in blood (sins) while Welles externalize the inner struggles of characters and transforms them into a battle between good and evil powers which characters become puppets of God. Polanski’s realistic use of imagery evolves the major scenes. He graphically and brutally Bugra Eren Dr Ivan Dodovski PhD Shakespeare Final Project 06.05.2017 Eren 8 depicts the incidents which Shakespeare reports in his play, Macbeth slaying enemy soldiers, hanging of Thane of Cawdor by Duncan, Macbeth’s repeatedly stabbing Duncan, murder of Banquo by henchmen of Macbeth, Macduff’s action of cutting the head of Macbeth. Some of the details of the film are charming and creative such as cutting the wool of the sheep's shortly before murderers arrive. Polanski also added additional scenes & acts such as the shooting of Seyton, hanging of enemy soldiers and harmed

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