Psychopath Vs Sociopaths

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In the American society, things are more often than not exaggerated to make things more interesting; leave us ignorant with fantasy of crime, horror, romance, action, and adventure. Psychopaths and sociopaths are often confused with each other, and people believe that the two aren’t any different. In the entertainment business, psychopaths and sociopaths are made out to seem ruthless, violent murderers, rapists and more. While they can be all of these things, the media and entertainment business makes things seem different than they really are. According to definition, a sociopath is a person who lacks empathy, but a psychopath is one that has a complete lack of it. That might not seem like like anything at first, but surprisingly, the lack of empathy versus the complete lack of empathy can change things up. …show more content…

While the definition of these antisocial disorders shares almost the exact wording, it’s almost unbelievable how different they can be from each other. Surprisingly, a psychopath doesn’t at all seem to be a psychopath. Most of them smile brightly, wear clean clothes, and are often times liked by many people in society. Most of the time, they seem to be educated and polite, and always treating others with kindness. Yet it’s all a mask, and that mask of normality is just to be accepted. A normal person you know could on the inside not care about you, or anyone else, at

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