Quotes From 'Into The Wilds'

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DELIRIUM NOTES • Last words in the book are the same as what her mother’s last words were. SYMBOLS: • THE FENCE: The electric fence enclosing the Portland and the US is symbolic. It was what keeps the people in, and is a way in which the government can be fully in charge. It is a symbol of power and fear, and the ignorance of the citizens. In the novel, Lena states, “Crossing the border is a capital offence, punishable by death” (Oliver 267). The fact that breaking the rules by crossing the border results in death, builds an immense fear in citizens of the fence and the Wilds. This also portrays the ignorance of the citizens, and symbolizes the flaws in the government. As a result of the rules in the fear the government builds in the citizens …show more content…

This is proven in the text when Alex says, “I liked to watch the birds. They would lift off from our side and sour over into the Wilds, as easy as anything […] Free: They were totally free. I'd thought that nothing and nobody was free in Portland, but I was wrong. There were always the birds” (229). The birds portray the possibility of escape from Portland, which is referred to as a cage by Alex (A cage for birds), “We are in a cage: a bordered cage” (228). Through this foreshadowing is also seen, as both Alex and Lena plan to escape into the Wilds like the birds. In addition, Alex also says to Lena, “The first time I saw you […] I hadn’t been to watch the birds at the border in years. But that’s what you reminded me of […] you were so fast […] Just a flash and then you were gone. Exactly like a bird” (230). The point that Alex compares to Lena to birds shows that she herself is the symbol of freedom. This foreshadows that in the end she will be able to escape into the Wilds, just like the birds, and Alex will …show more content…

In the novel Lena states, “I started running when I was six years old, after my mom committed suicide. The first day I ran a whole mile was the day of her funeral. (46). Running has become a distraction for Lena from her mother, a sense of control, a way for her to control her emotions. While running she chooses where to run, when to run, and how far to run (as long as she stays within the lines of the curfew). It also symbolizes her fear, since she also runs out of fear of what will happen now that her mother has died, and she is alone, left to cope with the accusations pointed at her mother’s rebellious act of suicide. In the novel it reads, “Instantly a feeling of total happiness bubbles up inside me: the sold feeling of ground underneath me, the simplicity of the movement, rocketing off my heels, pushing forward in time and space, total freedom and release”. This portrays Lena’s craving for control as she finds freedom while running. The feeling of running also releases Lena’s fear, which is proven in the quote where she that running provides her with “total freedom and release”. When Lena gets into a fight with Hana, she runs, and when the regulators raid the part, she also runs. This shows that she runs to release her fears. For example her fear of losing her best friend, and of being caught by the

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