Tom Sawyer Quotes

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“I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.” Albert Einstein. Over the span of the book Tom Sawyer has come from being a silly boy to a mature man. Tom has showed a difference in character throughout the entire story and eventually has grown to care about others and not just himself. One of the themes Mark Twain explores in the Adventures of Tom Sawyer is through life experiences kids will mature on their own. Three examples that support this theme is Tom testifying in court, not telling Becky that Injun Joe is in the cave, and persuading Huck to live with the widow. First, Tom shows exceptional maturity while testifying in court. Tom is at at a grave site and witness Injun Joe murder Doctor Robinson. After Tom witness this murder a case is opened about the murder of the Doctor. In court Tom testifies saying the the Murdering Halfbreed if Injun Joe and at that moment Injun Joe runs away. “And as the doctor fetched the board around and Muff Potter fell, Injun Joe jumped with a knife and.” Tom could have stayed silent and have Muff Potter take the blame for the Murder and have unjustly been sent to jail but Tom said that Injun Joe did it which was the truth. Tom was not even scared about telling on InJun Joe knowing that he will be Injun Joe’s next target. Tom Sawyer show showed extraordinary maturity and handled the situation pretty well. Secondly, Tom shows remarkable machurity when he does
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