Quotes Of Innocence In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Mockingbirds: Emblems of innocence in To Kill A Mockingbird There are many mockingbirds in the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The image of mockingbirds represent many people in the story and how many people take advantage of them for their own benefits. Scout, a young girl who lives in Maycomb is the story’s protagonist. She lives with her brother and father and occasionally meets Calpurnia their cook. For instance, Tom Robinson and Calpurnia are treated differently because of their skin color, however they are very close to the Finch family. Tom Robinson is on trial for the sexual assault of a white woman also known as Mayella Ewell. Tom Robinson had to experience injustice and was criticized just because he is black and black men are all “bad”. There was no proof that he actually raped Mayella, but he was accused and really innocent. At the trial, the witness said, “Mayella Ewell was hit on her right eye.” But, how could he hit her right eye when Tom’s left hand was completely impossible to use. In addition, Atticus had also proven that Bob Ewell was left-handed. But, the jury concluded that Tom was guilty. …show more content…

He undertook many tasks that Mayella asked him to complete without any complaint. Additionally, when she offered him some money for his help he always declined. According to Tom’s testimony, he had described his last visit to the Ewell's “way last Spring.” He said that Mayella had asked him to bust up a chiffarobe for her. On the day in question, Mayella had sent the children town with seven nickels that had taken her a long time to save up, which could get her alone. This all shows that she had planned to take advantage of Tom. However Tom was innocent and amiable which caused him not to see anything wrong with the situation. “Looked like she didn’t

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