Race Classification System

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Fundamentally, this country has a problem and everyone knows it. Some choose to ignore it while others make it their life’s purpose. It has torn down families and friendships, caused innumerable dysfunctions both big and small, and confused the minds of the citizens of this country for centuries. It affects any and every one in this country in some way, shape, or form. While this problem manifests itself in various ways, its core principles remain the same: hatred, dehumanization, separation, confusion, and dysfunction to name a few. This problem has grown to be so detrimental and extreme because it has had time to evolve, grow, and seed itself into the mind of every individual living in this country. This was made possible through …show more content…

This step is crucial because for as long as anyone could remember, the classification of people by race has been deemed acceptable. However, many do not know the true origins of this classification system or why exactly we ever began using it. Its sole purpose was to aid one group of individuals in oppressing another. Once this is understood, it is important to introduce the people to some of the discrepancies that arise under this classification system, like how our skin color is determined by the same chemical that determines our eye color. These discrepancies will highlight just how ineffective and inefficient this classification system is in actually classifying people. This information needs to be presented early in the lives of children so that they do not grow up with the wrong mindset and consequently perpetuate the system that we are currently experiencing. As for those individuals who are older and thus less likely to change their viewpoint on such an issue, we must continually express the fallibility of this system while also creating policy which will attempt to reverse the real-world effects of such a system. An example of this policy could be a law which prohibits the consideration of race on job

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