Racial And Ethnicity

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Racial/Ethnicity Paper
America unifies and divides its inhabitants across the globe by race, class, and gender. Race is synonymous to the headings atop the aisles within a supermarket in that it describes the biological features of a human being, namely skin color, eye, and hair color, as well as, genetic predisposition to specific diseases. However, unlike the labels above each aisle of a store, race influences the social hierarchy of our world, conferring power and privilege to select groups while simultaneously denying unalienable rights to others. Ethnicity, on the other hand, is synonymous to the varieties of culinary cuisine accessible at restaurants all over the world, American, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, African, Jamaican, Cuban, Mediterranean, …show more content…

Second, it sets up definite vantages for members of the white race, shielding us from the many challenges individuals of color face (A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center). Lastly, white privilege structures the world, specifically, the way we navigate and interact with each other and the environment in which we exist (A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center).
Members of the White race benefit from several advantages as a function of their skin privilege, still it is important to be cognizant of the fact that skin privilege is not a derivative of actions taken by white individuals moreover, it does not reflect our own creation or enjoyment. Understanding the multiple influences of race on our everyday life offers a foundation for combatting institutional, systemic, and individual manifestations of racism present within our …show more content…

Attending a private school from kindergarten through high school, the curriculum came almost exclusively from standard textbooks, which in turn reflect members of the white race and their contributions to the world. Along the same lines, if we talk about our national heritage or civilization, the focus is on the contributions whites, which have America what it is today. Lastly, if we look at national currency, monuments, or portraits of Jesus Christ, members of the white race make up the primary

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