Racial And Ethnicity

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Racial/Ethnicity Paper America unifies and divides its inhabitants across the globe by race, class, and gender. Race is synonymous to the headings atop the aisles within a supermarket in that it describes the biological features of a human being, namely skin color, eye, and hair color, as well as, genetic predisposition to specific diseases. However, unlike the labels above each aisle of a store, race influences the social hierarchy of our world, conferring power and privilege to select groups while simultaneously denying unalienable rights to others. Ethnicity, on the other hand, is synonymous to the varieties of culinary cuisine accessible at restaurants all over the world, American, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, African, Jamaican, Cuban, Mediterranean, and so forth. For example, Italian is a categorical label for food, yet regionally the cuisine will differ, pasta is basically the same, however the preparation styles of Vienna will differ slightly from those of Florence. Accordingly, ethnicity reflects the beliefs, values, culture, and the traditions characteristic of a geographic region. My paper will examine the definition of the terms race and ethnicity as well as offer a reflection of the way each influence life experience. Specifically, my paper will consider the impact race and ethnicity will have on my professional interactions within the human services field, analyzing the implications for myself as well as clients. Finally, my paper will address the issue of
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