Racial Stereotypes In Michael Oher's The Blind Side

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Pavani Pathirana Critical Media Literacy Paper “The Blind Side” In the film The Blind Side, reinforces racial ideologies and stereotypes by strengthening the idea that people of color are inferior to whites since a theme is whites being nice to one person of color. Along with the use of various criteria media portrays a negative idea on the lives of African Americans. Through his book “I Beat the Odds” Michael Oher clarifies his agency, various embellishments, and omission within this movie. The story starts off by introducing a young teenage boy and his brother entering a church school for possible admission. Known as Big Mike, the film introduces him as a in and out child with no home to stay at. Giving the school no reason to admit him. Michael Oher’s story didn’t start from the church school. His story began when he was a young child, one of twelve siblings living without the presence of their biological mother who was an abuser to drugs and alcohol. Throughout his childhood he tried to survive in any means possible moving from foster home to another, distributing newspapers to make a small income. He first started living in the projects where there were a group of low rent apartment buildings as public housing. Public housing back then truly wasn’t a living standard for most people. It was a way of having a home in the lowest of times even if it meant living in an area where you slept with one eye open because of the dangers one is surrounded by. Oher describes the

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