The Pros And Cons Of Increasing Minimum Wage

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This research will converse numerous opinions on minimum wages. It will also offer answers to questions like where did minimum wages get its start? Impact on increasing minimum wages, how it affects the companies, how do wage increase why were minimum wages created? Confer the benefits of providing minimum wages with benefits the workers, presenting the pros and cons. How are minimum wages benefiting the economy, do it help increase the economy? This dialog will have several diverse points of views based on the belief of diversity of authors. Presenting the difference of opinions doesn’t necessarily means there is/is not a tangible answer to whether maintain low wage benefits anyone. It will show some of the ways families who receive a wage increase continue to suffer. I. History of minimum wages (76C)(87B) Consequently, the origin of Minimum wage dates back as …show more content…

Families as a whole will argue the point that an increase in minimum wages will allow families the abilities to put more food on their tables, while providing the base necessities need in the family. However, most analyses of the minimum wage focus on its unintended employment consequences. (Freeman, 1996) Some major companies have agreed to increase the minimum wages in some States, nevertheless, the amount that the wages have been increased by is not enough to get a family from beneath poverty. Proven the fact that job markets in some cases are not working in the best interest of their employees. It has been noted that tax cuts and other government cuts can benefit the employees while putting money in the major company’s pocket. However, the worker who received an increase in their wages feel they are benefiting from the increase. Not taking into consideration the more they make, the more they will have to pay out. Receiving a pay increase also puts the employees into another tax

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