Raising Minimum Wage Debate

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“It may fit on a bumper sticker. But that does not make it a good idea. (Kitroeff A.1)” Our country is full of debates on what is right and what is not, but raising the minimum wage should not have to be debated upon. Raising the minimum wage is seen as a typical liberal idea, while keeping it the same is seen as conservative. This topic should not be a conservative versus liberal debate, it should be more of what is right for the country. This is a touchy subject, but through statistics and simple economic knowledge it is evident that raising the minimum wage does more harm than good for the United States. Seattle tried to raise the minimum wage in April of 2015 and so far it has not succeeded in being beneficial. Employees have had to cut …show more content…

With the increase in minimum wage it will increase the price for simple consumer goods like bread and milk ("Seattle Wins 'Fight for $15,' but Low-Skill Workers Lose." A.7). Typically, simple consumer goods are run by grocery stores and convenience stores. Those stores usually do not pay their employees a little more than minimum wage, but not the $10.25 that people are wanting. If this does happen then the stores will cover the new expenses by raising the prices of their goods. Raising the minimum wage just increases inflation. Just simply raising the minimum wage is like what Germany did after World War I. To pay off their debt they just printed off a bunch of money, but what they did not realize is that the value of their money dropped. Just raising the minimum wage is not going to magically help the United States economy. Raising the minimum wage also decreases employees work ethic and the use of incentives ("Seattle Wins 'Fight for $15,' but Low-Skill Workers Lose." A.7). If the minimum wage is raised then many companies will no longer be able to use a raise to promote their work ethic because they will no longer be able to afford the raise. Also, many people are working hard to get to $10.25 an hour, and if you just give that to them in the snap of a finger they will just coast through the rest of their lives because they know that they cannot be

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