Raising Minimum Wage Essay

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raise the price of minimum wage? Will the economy prosper by providing lower skilled workmen with higher paying jobs? Many Americans are all for raising the wage whenever they think it is needed. However, raising the wage has many negative impacts and has created a weaker economy. Continuing to raise minimum wage has caused people to become complacent and give up on their dreams. The Federal Government has made laws regarding minimum wage that were illegal and violated citizens rights. The government's interference with capitalism has made for a weaker economy, and it could be fixed by ceasing the increase in minimum wage. A vast majority of Americans believe that minimum wage should be raised. “25 percent of the US workforce was unemployed” …show more content…

The U.S was once the most feared and powerful nation on the face of this earth, but now that can not be stated as a fact. The country lead in research, jobs, prosperity, and wealth. There was a free market, and people had the ambition to be better than average. They were willing to work extremely hard until they did so. Now however, people expect the government to take care of them. People are satisfied working at a “minimum wage” that has no actual purpose. Nobody can actually live off of this wage, and anyone who earns minimum wage needs government assistance anyways. This creates “Working Poor: A term used to describe workers who are employed but still unable to afford the cost of living” (Aliprandini). The Federal Government continues to go into debt, and the working poor are the root of the country's problem. People do not realize that minimum wage was not created for able bodied adults. If one does not have a skill to make more than minimum wage, they should focus on acquiring one. This country needs to focus on recreating a supply and demand economy, which it prospered off of at one point. Once people start earning the wage they deserve, the employers would adjust the prices of all goods accordingly and remove the pointless inflation caused by minimum wage. This would drastically reduce the living wage, improve the economy, and start giving people the motivation to make our country great

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