Ralph In Lord Of The Flies Maslow's Pyramid

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The island is their home now, where they will work to survive, where they will make a new home and start climbing Maslow’s pyramid all over again. The island is their life, meeting new people and making new rules, they rebuild their lives the moment they set foot on new ground. In the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding, two characters that meet varying levels of their needs from Maslow’s pyramid are Ralph and Piggy, although each person meets each need in a different way.
Ralph attains the role of the Chief on the island which allows him to meet many needs on the Maslow's pyramid. Ralph strives to fulfill his physiological needs on the pyramid because at the beginning of the book, Ralph and the others collect “a coconut shell brimmed …show more content…

He always wants to help Ralph lead the group as chief, in Chapter 1, Piggy finds “a shell” that they use “to call the others…[to] a meeting” (Golding 16). His idea to use the conch helps him with his aesthetics need for order throughout the island because he “understand[s] and appreciate[s] beauty, balance, and form” (Maslow 6). Although, he has trouble succeeding with this because he is missing many of the lower levels on the pyramid. According to Maslow we “must meet [the] needs in order...and cannot be concerned with needs higher on the pyramid until” we meet the lower levels, and Piggy fails to receive the support required for his love and belonging desires.
Nevertheless, Ralph and Piggy both meet many needs on the pyramid that help define them as people, however, Ralph tends to fulfill some that are higher on the pyramid. In the beginning of the book, Ralph and Piggy both start to make bold choices about being leaders and establishing roles. Although, Ralph ¨is chief” (Golding 24) which makes him reach higher than Piggy on the pyramid because he now has the support of the rest of the kids on the island. Ralph
Two characters that meet varying levels of needs on Maslow’s pyramid throughout the book Lord of the Flies are Ralph and Piggy , resulting with Ralph reaching a little higher than

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