Rap Music Dr Dyson Analysis

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Dr. Dyson presents the problem of misogyny and the exploitation of minority groups in rap music in a way that still makes the artist accountable, while reminding us that these exploitations have always been in western society. Dr. Dyson is saying that rap music is not all equal and can push unhealthy ideas about the relationship between men and women. Yet there is still a culture value within the music that many people within the the African American community can connect with, even if that connection is a sad reflection on the current status of affairs. For example, many rap songs glorify prison, which is a sad example of the disproportional effect that prison has within the black community. Some black men grow up thinking that is where they belong because so many in their family’s have ended there for crimes that are common among everyone but are most punishable on blacks. …show more content…

Dyson makes a good point that rap music does not simply reflect on the black community, but on the entire society that has made the black community identify with songs that glorify their everyday injustice, such as police encounters that end in violence, or family broken apart for a drug charge. Therefore, raps role in society is in part to express these injustices that exist everywhere. Dr. Dyson points out the some of the ideas within rap music is not healthy, such as the degradation of women into objects for the men or as he says” the crew” to

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