Rape In Chaucer's The Wife Of Bath

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In this tale of the Wife of Bath there was a knight who commited a horrible crime of rape. He was caught and he was ordered to go out for 1 year and a day to find out what women truly want. In my opinion I am sure the knight learned more about women then he already did but that doesnt mean he has changed. I believe that he did gain knowledge of women and what they want but he could just use that to get them to do what he wants. I like to think of it as a super villian, he has these amazing gifts and the power to use them for good but he just chooses to use them for bad. ¨One day as he came riding from the river he saw a maiden walking all forlorn ahead of him, alone as she was born. And of that maiden, spite of all she said, by very force he took her maidenhead.¨ (58-62). These lines clearly state that this knight who is …show more content…

Rape was a bad thing then and now but I believe that reasonable punishment was so different so we really dont have a good say on whether he learned his lesson. Back then they could have viewed that trip as a huge deal and a severe consequence but today we view as almost nothing and in no way a fair punishment. It is pretty obvious that the knight doesnt want to marry the old lady. He offers everything else he has but begs her to let him be free. ¨Old lady, by the Lord I know indeed that such was my behest, but for Gods lovethink of a new request, take all my goods, but leave my body free¨. (232-235) After this she agrees that she is not all that pretty, has no money, and is foul. But despite all this she wont agree to change her mind, she in the end forces the knight to wed her and all his arguments are futile.¨ If I agree! I may be foul, I may be poor and old, Yet will not choose to be, for all the gold Analize The Knight thats bedded in the the earth or lie above, less then your wife, nay, than your very

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