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The rape of Persephone explains how the seasons occur in nature. When Persephone was abducted by Hades and was brought into the underworld, Demeter, who was her mother and the goddess of corn, mourned her absence. This caused a period of harsh and cold weather, where nothing could grow. Afraid that the human race would die, Zeus sent a messenger to the underworld and forced Hades to let Persephone return. Hades agreed, but forced Persephone to eat a pomegranate seed, which he believed would make her return to him. After Persephone returned, Demeter was notified that Persephone would have to live in the underworld for four months every year, because she ate the pomegranate seed. This meant that every year, for four months, Demeter would mourn Persephone’s absence, causing winter. When Persephone returns, Demeter would stop mourning and all of the crops would be able to grow. Therefore, Persephone’s abduction tried to explain why the seasons occurred.
6. Dionysus is a symbol of resurrection because he was able to defy Death. When Dionysus descended to the lower world of the dead to find his mother, he was able to defy the …show more content…

The myths of Demeter and Dionysus shows that the Ancient Greeks had a very strong mother and child relationship ingrained in their culture. For example, when Demeter mourned and did not let any of the crops grow during Persephone’s absence, it showed that she truly loved Persephone. By creating a harsh climate for a year, Demeter shows that their bond was so strong that when it was broken, even time could not heal it. Next, when Dionysus went into the underworld to find his mother, it showed that he was willing to sacrifice anything, even his life, just to see his mother. Even though he never met his mother, he still loved her unconditionally because she was his mother. This love was the only thing that encouraged him to risk his life to save a woman that he has never met. As a result, the Greeks valued a strong mother and child

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