Hades In Greek Mythology

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Did you know that one-eighth of Greeks still believe in Gods and Goddess? In Greek mythology back in the olden times people couldn 't explain phenomenons, so they made them up. For example, if you go out to sea and a huge storm starts people will blame you for not thanking the sea god Poseidon. These mythological people were all put into different categories. The god that I choose is Hades. He is the god of the Underworld. People created him to give a certain purpose for why some people die. In this essay I will be discussing many things like his family, special celebrations, and his descriptional features.

In his family, Hades is the oldest son out of other three brothers Zeus, Chiron, and Poseidon. Him and all of his other siblings are the sons and daughters of Cronus and Rhea. They were all born of regurgitation except for Zeus. Hades had married his sister Demeter’s daughter, her name was Persephone. Hades was captivated by her beauty, and he fell in love with her and thought it would be a good idea to kidnap her. It is said that Hades asked his brother, Zeus, for help, so he agreed as they made a plan to trap her. And so they did by splitting the earth causing her to slip into the Underworld. He stole Persephone and made her his …show more content…

After Rhea had given birth to Hades, Cronus had the fear that one of his sons would grow to be stronger than he could ever be and overthrow him. So, he swallowed each one after each birth. Zeus got raised by a goat for many years, and when he was a grown man he decided to save his brothers. Once they were regurgitated, the three of them fought their titan father and won. In that time Titans and Giants tried to rule over earth. They each had to pick where they would take over. Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon all drew lots to see who would rule each part of earth. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon got the sea, and unfortunately Hades had the lot of the

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