Hades: A Tragic Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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The air hung heavy in the room. Glass pillars stretched beyond the heavens in a fortress with no ceiling. The dark clouds and night sky providing the only cover in the great hall. The space was monumental and the night calm and clear, yet the air still felt heavy. Lining the hall were thrones, magnificent both in size and appearance. (one more descriptive line here) Twelve thrones shone in the reflection of the glass, but there were thirteen gods in the hall of Olympus tonight. Hades stood just beyond the arch of the corridor, adjacent to the largest throne, the seat for the king of Olympus, his younger brother, Zeus. “Will you hear me, brother?” whispered Hades, his voice velvety and unusually calm. He crept into the room, leaving the darkness of the corridor behind him. Even while entering the light of the hall, the shadows still lingered on his face. He observed his brother, the uneasiness evident on his face, but he made no objection as Hades made his way towards the throne.…show more content…
“You look tired, Zeus. This has been a long fight, many millennia too long.” He said in retort as he reached the base of the throne. “We should give it up. We can start anew. The longer this goes the harder it will be on you.” His voice a mocking sympathetic tone. Hades was confident that his years in the dark had made him stronger. Maybe not stronger than his brother, but resilient enough to strike fear in his heart. Every year Zeus gets a little wearier of his exile’s presence, his ability to slowly grow his strength without mortal assistant was baffling, even to the king. “Every year you ask for a change of heart from our council, and every year you are recast out of our home. When will you give up your cause and accept the life you had chosen for
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