Hero's Journey In The Odyssey

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Odysseus’s Tumultuous Journey Heroes in today’s literature often take on difficult challenges that put themselves in constant danger to better themselves. Joseph Campbell came out with a book in 1949 called “A Hero with a Thousand Faces” which he introduced the “Hero’s Journey” formula that Odysseus closely follows. The Odyssey is a Greek mythology following Odysseus, a Trojan War hero who faces many dangers trying to get back to his homeland of Ithaca. At his homeland of Ithaca suitors are eating out his home and trying to marry his wife while Telemachus sets out to find his father, but eventually comes back unsuccessful. Finally, Odysseus comes home and takes back his home and family. In the Odyssey, Homer…show more content…
Because of Odysseus’s sharp intellect, cunningness, and with the help from the gods, he finishes the heroes’ journey. Odysseus’s main flaw in The Odyssey is his pride and not being able to control his crew. Test, allies, and enemies happen when Odysseus blinds Polyphemus who is the son of Poseidon. When Odysseus and his crew first found Polyphemus’s cave they could’ve just stolen food or left but instead Odysseus wanted to stay and receive a gift. After his men and him escapes unnecessarily losing two men in the process, Odysseus taunts Polyphemus which leads to him saying “ Hear me Poseidon, sustainer of the earth, god of sable locks. If I am yours indeed and you claim me as your son, grant that Odysseus, sacker of cities and son of Laertes, may never reach his home in Ithaca”(Homer 124) . This quote shows that one of Odysseus’s many flaws is that he allows his pride to take control of his actions and doesn’t clearly consider the consequences. Another instance of Odysseus’s foolish pride is when he crossing the threshold Circe advises Odysseus to…show more content…
Throughout the book Odysseus faces many women such as Calypso and Circe who try to deceive him. When Odysseus visits Hades during the Resurrection part of his hero’s journey he gains profound knowledge when he speaks with Agamemnon who talks about betrayal of his wife stating, “Never be too trustful even of your wife, nor show her all that is in your mind. Reveal a little of your plans to her, but keep the rest to yourself”(Homer 150). This shows that Odysseus gained wisdom, that even if he trusts the women with his heart he always has to keep an eye on her for her loyalty as they may try to seek more power. Another quote that represents this is from Agamemnon stating “ And now I will give you a piece of advice; take it to heart. Do not sail openly into port when you reach your home- country. Make a secret approach. Women, I tell you, are no longer to be trusted” (Homer 151). This quote foreshadows when Athena cloaks him into a beggar, not only was it too hide his identity from the suitors but it was also used to test the loyalty of his wife and see if the suitors had gotten to her. Another piece of wisdom Odysseus gains is his self control. When Odysseus is turned into the beggar In the Approaching Inmost Cave he shows self control when he gets back to his homeland of Ithaca and doesn’t march to his home and announce he is home. Instead he shows
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