Raskolnikov Punishment

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In the beginning, it starts out with Raskolnikov plotting to murder the pawnbroker lady and steal her money. As he was taking a walk, he was thinking if anyone would recognize him. While he was taking a walk a drink man called him a German hatter. The drunk man called him that because of the hat he wore. He ended up getting rid of his hat because he thought that the hat would give him away and someone would recognize it on him when he perpetrated the slaying. He decided to go to a tavern, he meets a man named Marmeladov. He talks to Marmeladov and he learns that he is an alcoholic. In order to make money his eldest daughter, Sonia, becomes a prostitute. Later he receives a letter from his mother saying that his sister was governess in the Svidrigrailovs’ house and the husband, Mr. …show more content…

He then washes away the blood and successfully flees the murder scene. He also steals some of the pawnbroker ladies' goods, then he goes to sleep. After he commits the murder he goes to see a friend and he stays there because he is very sick. After he feels better he returns home and finds that Marmeladov has been run over by a carriage. Raskolnikov takes him home and Marmeladov dies. When he reaches his apartment his sister and mother are there. He tells Dounia not to marry Pyotr, but she told her brother that she wanted him to Pyotr. Sonia goes to Raskolnikov’s apartment where she is followed by Mr. Svidrigrailov who is still obsessed with Dounia. Mr. Svidrigrailov tells Raskolnikov that he will pay Dounia a large amount of money to not marry Pyotr, he refuses this offered for her and say that he is crazy. Raskolnikov and his friend go to see Dounia and Pyotr, she breaks off the engagement with Pyotr. Raskolnikov’s friend also tells him that the detective suspects that Raskolnikov committed the murder. Raskolnikov runs away from his family and goes to see

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