Ray Bradbury Research Paper

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Ray Bradbury
Ray Bradbury was born on the 22nd of August 1920, he was born in Waukegan, Illinois to his Swedish immigrant mother Ester and his American father Leonard. While growing up and was in his teenage years he loved to watch horror and fantasy movies, he enjoyed the way the movies made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. In 1934 his family had moved to California where he joined his new schools drama club and meet all sorts of people including celebrities that he had befriended “Bradbury decided to become a writer at about age 12 or 13”(Ray Bradbury Biography).”
When Ray Bradbury and his family had moved to Los Angeles he had gotten enrolled into the high school there and began going to school in September 1935. Bradbury learned so many knew and wonderful things at his new school, it was at his knew school where he had discovered that he had wanted to become a writer. He became a writer in high school and he also joined the drama club where he had meet and …show more content…

“During his seven-decade career, Bradbury published more than four hundred stories and the books that grew out of them” (The Center OF Bradbury Studies).” When he published his books people had categorized as science fiction because they believed that it was but to him he felt like it wasn’t he felt like it was not he felt like it was something other than science

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