Rear Window Opening Scene Analysis

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The movie rear window is a very entertaining film that also educational in learning many moral lessons. The movie is entirely about peeping and “spying” on other people through the back window of an apartment. At one point they bring up the question of whether looking at people through the window is ethical or not. Through out the film L.B. Jefferies is constantly watching his neighbors and is bound to witness something bad happen. We see how many people could think he is just making up what he saw, or thinking he saw something completely different because of his constant spying on people. And to set up for a story like this, what better way to do it then how this opening scene does. The scene has a great beginning that can almost go unnoticed because of the credits being shown over top of it. But the beginning start out with the opening of the three shades where we view every part of the outside world for the rest of this movie. The movie if you didn’t notice is entirely placed in one room and the only way you see outside of that room is through the “Rear Window” that Jefferies looks out of. There is only one scene in the entire movie where we see a view point from outside of the apartment, and that is when Jeffries is dropped through the window onto the cement. This has meaning in itself, because the only time we enter…show more content…
You then are learning the things about Mr. Thorwald along with Jefferies and all those who help him solve this murder case. There is then one scene where he questions the morality of peeping at people through his window the way he does. They feel this way after having doubts about their beliefs of Mr. Thorwald after detective Doyle does his best to prove them wrong. Doyle talks of how a simple situation can be taken way out of proportion by observing someone so closely in the way Jefferies
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