Reasons For The Annexation Of Texas

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Historical History #3: William Ellery Channing and John O’Sullivan Ashleyann Mabatid Azusa Pacific University College

William Ellery Channing and John O’Sullivan Annexation of Texas in 1845 was about adding Texas to be a part of the United States. It would be the 28th state and it was on December 29, 1845. But before it happened there was a whole debate on adopting Texas. William Ellery Channing and John O’ Sullivan have different views on the annexation of Texas, they were either for it or against it. Their arguments for the annexation, Channing was for it and O’ Sullivan wasn’t. The U.S. delays the annexation of Texas because they didn’t want to ruin their relationship with Mexico. Mexico told the United States …show more content…

He saw the annexation as “inevitable” and noted that “her Convention has undoubtedly ratified the acceptance” of the proposal (O’Sullivan). John O’Sullivan was for the annexation of Texas. He, like Channing before him, ignores the reasons given and the reasons in reality, behind the movement for Texas to separate itself from Mexico and to seek admission to the United States as a coequal member of the Union. His only nod to the circumstances in question comes when he advises his listeners to “cease to denounce and vilify” everything connected with the annexation” (O’Sullivan). For him, morality does not enter into the question, save as to the matter of the immorality of maintaining a no longer tenable position. That is, it was foolish and wrong to oppose annexation because it was an accomplished fact. He claims that there was “no obligation of duty toward Mexico” (O’Sullivan) while ignoring the very real disputes in territorial claims, even if one accepted Texas’ independence and her later annexation as legitimate. Roughly speaking, Mexico never accepted the notion that Texas included the territory west of a line running from modern Corpus Christi to Wichita Falls. The ongoing dispute over that territory would eventually provide the pretext for war. O’Sullivan never mentions this very real situation on the ground or its likely consequences. For …show more content…

would help pay off debt, Texas would receive protection from the U.S. Army from the Native Americans, many Texans were already from the U.S. The U.S. had an established postal system in place. A con would be the slavery of course. Some Texans wanted to remain an independent republic, Texas could grow to the west (Manifest Destiny) and be as large as the U.S., the U.S. didn't want to add any states that supported slavery. The war with Mexico happened in 1848 because the annexation of Texas happened, it caused tension, and Mexico had boundary issues between Texas and Mexico. President Polk declares war against Mexico, and the rangers joined in on the fight. The rangers and troops defeat the Mexican army. A treaty was signed at the end of the war it was called the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and in that treaty It states that the U.S. will agree to pay 15 million for a half a million square miles between the Nueces and Rio Grande rivers, and parts of what is now California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona & New

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