Reasons Why Alexander Whitaker Arrived In The New Land Of Virginia

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In 1611, Alexander Whitaker arrived in the new land of Virginia, which had just begun to be colonized only a few years earlier (Dudley Chalberg 13). Jamestown, Virginia was the first English Settlement to be made in the New World and many people wanted to know more about it. England asked for reports back from people as to what their new land was like and there were varied opinions. Alexander Whitaker had a positive viewpoint that Virginia was an abundant new paradise with many good things about it. It should be thought by one that Alexander Whitaker was correct in making the statements that he did. One should believe that Whitaker was right about Virginia being an abundant new paradise for many reasons, the first being that Virginia was an …show more content…

In England and surrounding countries, they were beginning to run out of natural resources like timber and that was a vital resource for them because it was used for most everything. This finding of land that had plenty of forests was a blessing for them. Another reason Whitaker was right was because of the rivers surrounding them that gave them many advantages (Whitaker as cited in Dudley Cholberg 13). Having rivers around them gave the settlers the advantage of speedy transportation, food, and a way to travel easily (Whitaker as cited in Dudley Cholberg 13). Health was another point that Whitaker brought up about the positives of the new land Virginia. On page 13, Whitaker states “I have seen it by experience and dare boldly affirm it that sickness doth more rage in England quarterly than here yearly”, and this tells me that sickness does more damage in England in a quart of the time that it does in Virginia (Whitaker as cited in Dudley Cholberg 13). Although illness was in fact a problem starting out, it later got better for the settlers and was no longer as much of an issue. Another

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