Rebirth In A Tale Of Two Cities

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The novel, A Tale Of Two Cities, was published in 1859 and was written by Charles Dickens. Although born after the French Revolution, Dickens wrote the book about the politically tumultuous times in England and France between the third estate and nobility/clergy. Dickens used the theme of resurrection and rebirth several times throughout the book and in the form of death. Two characters in specific, Sydney Carton and Dr. Manette reflect the theme of resurrection by sacrificing both their lives for Darnay and even themselves for the rebirth of Darnay. While not every death in A Tale of Two Cities is necessary for rebirth or resurrection, the sacrifices made by Carton and Dr. Manette for Darnay is necessary for rebirth or resurrection as it led …show more content…

At the end of the book, Carton makes the selfless decision to take the place of Darnay on the day of his death and be the one who gets executed. Carton cares about the Manette family, especially Lucie, and Darnay and by putting his life on the line he allows for Darnay to be reborn. Even though he ends up dying, Carton is finally at peace and happy. When he dies, “they said of him, about the city that night, it is the peacefullest man’s face ever beheld there” (Dickens 292). Carton has a look of peace on his face he never had during his lifetime. He is able to die a happy man which is something he struggled with the whole book; his happiness. He is finally happy and is a new man, even if it is at his death. The book ends with Carton’s vision for the future and as he envisions the future he realizes “it is a far, far better thing that [he] do, than [he] have ever done” and that “it is a far better rest that [he] go to than [he] [has] ever known” (Dickens 293). Choosing to sacrifice himself with his life is the best thing he could have ever done because not only did he do it for someone he loved, but he did it for him to die happily knowing he has finally done something meaningful in

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