Red By Dorothea Mackellar Essay

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How effectively do the prescribed poems use language forms and feature to convey images of the Australian landscape?

The beauty and significance of an Australian landscape is successfully conveyed in the poems through a variety of language forms and features. My Country by Dorothea Mackellar and Red by W.Les Russell are the medium through which poets express their feelings and love towards Australia. The poem Red by W.Les Russell reflects the Australian Indigenous spiritual, physical, social and cultural connection to Australia through flora, fauna and land. In addition, Dorothea Mackellar’s iconic poem ‘My Country’ highlights beauty that can be seen throughout the Australian landscape during different seasons and the poet depicts Australians …show more content…

However, the poet still loves Australian land no matter what the land looks like. This is shown through the use of emotive language, “thirsty paddocks”, pitiless” and “cattle die” to portray the consequences and horrible experiences of the drought, thus helps the audience to generate an image of
Painful land with various challenges. However, the poet believes Australians are optimistic so they looks more forward to the positivity of the future of Australian land as shown, “And we can bless again”. The use of first person plural, “We” makes the reader feel included as a privileged member of Australian society who will successfully battle these challenges and survive. Moreover, the use of juxtaposition, “droughts and flooding rains” portrays the harsh beauty of the country that makes it challenging for Australians to survive. This technique also makes the audience to think and imagine the contrasting sides of Australia, hence engaging the audience. Moreover, the use of personification and gendering, “I love her far horizons”, enables the narrator and audience to link more deeply and strongly with the Australian land. This also rouses empathy in the reader and allows the reader to associate with the poem and the message of loving the Australian landscape. These gives evident that the Australians experiences the extreme beauty of

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