Red Wine Consumption Research Paper

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Seong Bin Lee Mr. Thomas Colton EN 202 – ON01 Essay 2: Cause/Effect 3 October 2014 Positive Health Effects of Red Wine Consumption Vomit, headache, impaired judgment, anemia, coma, increased unintentional injuries or deaths, alcohol poisoning, nerve damage, brain damage, ulcers, gastritis, malnutrition, cancer, liver disease, dementia, depression, seizures, and gout are common negative effects of alcohol (“Negative Side Effects of Alcohol”). good The negativities of alcohol consumption are so vicious that alcohol is often associated with an unhealthy image. It is true that binge drinking can lead to many health-related problems, but an article written by doctors in 2010 proves alcohol in indeed healthy. According to Dr. Jennifer Nelson and Dr. Katherine Zeratsky’s article on “Heart-health benefits of…show more content…
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