Reflection On The New England Patriots

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Super bowl 51 was the greatest super bowl I have ever seen in my personal opinion. Not just did the New England Patriots come back from a twenty five point deficit against the Atlanta Falcons. This amazing super bowl performance by not just the New England Patriots, but also Tom Brady’s out of this world performance and leadership. This may have put Tom Brady as the best quarterback of all-time. I believe this performance puts Tom Brady as the best ever. Since the start of the game nothing was going the Patriots way there were plenty incomplete passes thrown by both teams, but mainly by the Patriots. The first quarter was scoreless by both teams. By the third quarter of the game the score was 28-3 led by the Falcons, that is the greatest deficit against any team in NFL history. The New England Patriots scored 31 unanswered points in the fourth quarter. In…show more content…
I have been a fan of Tom Brady ever since I started watching football; there was something about him that made him so special, something that separated him from all the other great quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning. I believe what makes Brady so special is his accuracy and his knowledge of the game overall. A lot of people saw Tom Brady as just a great quarterback, but with this performance in super bowl 51 he will go down in history as the greatest quarterback of all-time. Some people never thought Tom Brady was going to be up there with amazing quarterbacks like Joe Montana and Dan Marino; these quarterbacks impacted the game tremendously. With this said Tom Brady’s incredible performance he surpasses these great quarterbacks. Out of this incredible game I witnessed the most emotional moment of the night was when my favorite player received his 5th championship and his 4th MVP award, also no quarterback has ever won five championship
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