Relationship Analysis: Analysis Of Romance And Marriage

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Relationship Analysis Paper Romance has always been my favorite genre in all literature, films, and life in general. I assume without this form of intimacy none of us would be here. As a matter of fact, in this essay, I will be describing my romantic relationship with my husband, including a decision we made together, information on the “coming together” stages, how we overcome conflicts, and the dialects within our relationship. My family always spoke highly on marriages because they believed commitment is something people must not take for a gag. As a teenager, I went through chapters where I was almost certain that I will never find a person who would want to marry me, but changes occur every minute so we never see what’s coming. Shortly after I met my husband, I realized he was the most wonderful person I have ever met in my whole existence. I couldn’t ignore the idea that he might be Mr. Perfect.
By the time our relationship started becoming more intense, my husband and I would talk about our future together, including our careers, getting married, moving in, traveling, and having children. We discussed which state we would want to settle in, how to deal with each other when we’re angry, how we would like to raise our children, and what breeds of dogs we would get. He and I developed a strong bond, and agreed to never give up unless one does something that could harm the other both mentally and physically.
Not long after having these types of conversations, my

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