Perry Patetic's When People Move Away From Each Other

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When people move away from each other, the space can make their relationship better. Perry Patetic in his passage argues that the advantages to living in such a high mobile society are nothing to the many disadvantages. The author supports his claim by first showing ways that people's relationships are separated by distance. He continues by saying that we lack close relationships that our previous generations had. The authors purpose is to show people how easy it is to move away with today's technology so that people can see how their relationships are being affected. The author creates a formal tone for people with long distance relationships. Although people can be separated by distance, their relationships can improve with space between them. …show more content…

Patetic says, “Ours is an open, fast moving society… makes it easy for us to move away from the people and places of our past.” It may be easy to move away once but trying to visit the people and places of our past frequently can be very expensive and cost a fortune just to see our family. In order for people to keep close relationships, they don't necessarily need to visit. People can keep close relationships through technology. A good example of this is right in my family. My sister moved away to college almost three years ago and we have still kept a close relationship through technology even though she only visits twice a year. This shows how people can still have close relationships even if they are far apart. People do not need to be right next to each other to have strong relationships. Some people have worse relationships if they are

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