Character Analysis: The Adoration Of Jenna Fox

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“When men and women are able to respect and accept their differences then love has a chance to blossom.”- John Gray. People should accept other people’s differences. If they do, then everyone will have a good feeling for someone else, love has a shot at blooming, and parents would accept their children even if they are different from most people.
For example, everyone will have valuable feelings for each other, whether it being a friendship or a relationship. In The Adoration of Jenna Fox, the text states, “‘I-I [Ethan] feel something. Everytime I look at you. Don’t ask me to explain it all.’” (212) Ethan is talking to Jenna behind a market, and he is telling her how he feels about her. The text also explains, “He [Ethan] gently turns my
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While it’s true that there’s some violence left over, when people accept one’s differences, that creates less brutality. The text states, “‘I’m [Jenna] not walking anywhere with you, Dane.’ ‘Why? You prefer boys like Ethan who are dangerous? I [Dane] could be dangerous.’” (216) Dane saw Jenna in the forest, and he’s trying to force Jenna to go on a walk with him by hurting her. There will always be sin and violence in the world. But, Jenna’s neighbor Mr. Bender comes and saves Jenna from being harmed by Dane. The novel clarifies, “Mr. Bender comes through the woods, making a show of his golf club, swinging it more than he is using it for balance on the hillside.” (217) Mr. Bender saw what Dane was doing to Jenna, and because he cares about her and accepts her differences, he came and saved her. Therefore, accepting people’s differences lessens the harmful situations that…show more content…
Jenna’s parents, Claire and Matthew, love and cherish Jenna. The novel clarifies, “‘But until you [Jenna] could understand everything that has happened, we also had to have a way to get you out of sight fast if we had to. For your own protection, and others’, too.’” (153) Claire is telling Jenna that she cares for her so much that she protected Jenna for her own safety. The novel also clarifies, “‘We [Claire and Matthew] did what any parent would do. We saved you.’” (128) Claire is talking to Jenna about how they loved her so much that they saved her from the accident. Any parent would want to save their child if they were about to die because they wouldn’t want their kid to be gone. If a parent accepts their child’s differences enough that they don’t want them to die, then the parent would do anything to save their young
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