Rep. Michael Honda's Experience In Internment Camps

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In the CNN article “Muslim hearings recall my life in internment camps,” Rep. Michael Honda claims that during his experience in internment in World War II, the people were treated like cattles. Regardless of whether they were born in America or patriotic Americans and obeying the law, and providing to the American economy, they were considering at the enemies during the war. Yet, there was no reasonable answer for them to be imprisoned. After 65 years, the devastating event of September 11 happened and the similar experience of Rep. Michael Honda had reoccurred, but this time, it was targeting the Muslim Americans. Honda briefly described his experience during the internment camps in the beginning of the article. He strongly stated of how there was not a logical explanation of why the Americans were locking them up in the camps by providing facts that they were loyal to the United States and they were not any different from the Americans. After analyzing his argument, I conclude that his reasoning is valid. For example, if my home land, Vietnam, had attacked the United States and the government decided that they should lock me up …show more content…

Not only that, the country repeated the same mistake by mistreating the Muslim American the same way to the Japanese American after the September 11 incident. Now that the September 11 is in the past, I have witnessed that any time a citizen accountered a Muslim America, he or she would immediately assume that the person was a terrorist and avoid the person as soon as

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