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Fatima Torres
US History: Period # 4
22 October 2017
How Andrew Carnegie is a hero

Andrew Carnegie born in Scotland 1835. Carnegie grew up poor, at the age of eight he began his schooling in one room school with 150 students. In 1848 Carnegie left scotland for a new life in the United States.(background 2). What make Andrew Carnegie a hero?what made him a hero, was that he developed successful business practices, gave money to many organizations, and had good employee relations. Andrew Carnegie used his numerous good ideas and strategies to become a successful businessman and make the world a better place..

Andrew Carnegie has three modes on those three modes in which surplus wealth can be disposed of. One of the modes …show more content…

That's why he wanted people to learn to earn their own money. and it was better for people with a lot of money to leave the money to be used in public because that helped other people. The other mode was how couldn't a person with so much money could not help others. that's why Andrew Carnegie put these three modes and that made him a hero because he wanted others to learn to work and share their wealth with …show more content…

On the other hand, his Carnegie Steel Company also lowered wages to increase profit. (Doc D) As a philanthropist in his later years, Carnegie gave to science, world peace organizations, education, and built libraries. This political cartoon was done to show the people that people with a lot money can be good people and make the world a better place but he have to play two rolls. This political cartoon is unique because it makes a large powerful figure actually look kind and compassionate. Carnegie in his Great Double Role. Many people thought he had double sided but the only thing he wanted was equality and help, that's why he lowered his salary to help with

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