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Bald eagles are found in many environments in the United States. Those environments include deserts, mountains, freshwater, and marine areas. Bald eagles are known to build very large nests in treetops and always near water. The main source of food for bald eagles is fish, but they will sometimes eat other small animals.

In the 1900s the Environmental Protection Agency listed the bald eagle as an endangered species. During those years, DDT usage was widespread, and it is believed that its use was responsible for the decline in the number of eagles. DDT is a chemical that was used to control mosquitoes, and it caused a thinning of the eagle egg shells.

The population of breeding pairs of bald eagles has changed in several states over a 12-year period as is shown in the table below.
Population of Breeding Pairs of Bald Eagles

State Year 1 Year 3 Year 6 Year 9 Year 12

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A. Maryland has fewer trees
B. Nevada had more fish
C. Maryland had more open waters *
D. Nevada has less small animals
• Why would the habitats of Maryland and Michigan support more breeding pairs than habitats in other states?
A. Grasslands provide homes for large animals.
B. Mountains provide fewer places to hunt.
C. Large lakes and rivers provide food. *
D. Croplands provide grain for food.

• All states showed an increase in the number of breeding pairs during which year?
A. Year 3
B. Year 6
C. Year 9 *
D. Year 12
• Which state showed the greatest increase in breeding pairs from Year 1 to Year 12?
A Maryland
B. Michigan *
C. Nebraska

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