Research Paper On Nuclear Fusion

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In order for the fusion to take place, It takes very high temperatures and great pressure. Nuclear energy takes place in the sun. This is where hydrogen nuclei fuse at very high temperatures. The temperatures are around about 10 million degrees Celsius and about 18 degrees fahrenheit. Do to the temperatures being so high it produces a huge amount of heat and light energy. In physics , the fusing of nuclei of light elements, such as hydrogen, into those of a heavier element , such as helium.
Under these conditions the atomic nuclei can easily approach each other at high speeds and overcome the mutual repulsion of their positive charges. Fusion is also accompanied by the release of large amounts of energy. One day the process might actually be harness to form the basis of commercial energy production. in the process of fusion there are two ways to release nuclear energy. One would be Fission. This is the process of breaking apart a large nucleus into two smaller parts, and fusion, combining two small nuclei to make a larger one. Well the history of Nuclear energy is simply the energy in the nucleus, or core, of an atom. Atoms are also …show more content…

This is very dangerous to human beings.If people continue to mine things, this could cause the air around us to pollute. That would not be very healthy for us to breathe. Nuclear energy is very important for us to know about. If we did not know much about nuclear energy we would probably be in a lot of danger. Most electrical things that we have in our household are powered by nuclear energy. Simply because it is used to create electricity. We probably would not have a lot of things in life if we did not have nuclear powered energy. Since it creates electricity, that means it can power many things, such as our homes, schools and many more important buildings we might need. This is why nuclear energy is very important in life. I do not know what we would do without

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