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Jack Patton Dixon Criminal Justice 23 October 2017 Richard Kuklinski Richard Kuklinski is one of the most well-known serial killers in history. He was convicted of killing five people, but could have killed anywhere from one-hundred to two-hundred people. He is a very unique serial killer for many reasons. One reason is because he was paid to kill people. Most serial killers feel a compulsion to kill because of lust, anger, or similar reasons. Richard Kuklinski felt no compulsion and no emotion towards his victims and murdered simply because of business. His sociopathic tendencies can be explained by the way he was raised. Richard Kuklinski was born into an abusive household. Richard’s dad, Stanley, would beat him very bad when he was a young boy. Richard’s mother would also abuse him. Richard said that his mom broke a broomstick on him many times. Richard Kuklinski was also raised as a catholic and he would go to church most Sundays. As a result of Richard’s strict religious household, he became a very angry person. Richard would torture and kill animals during his youth. This is a sign of antisocial behavior and is common in most serial killers. When Richard became a teenager, he found that if he hurts people, they won’t mess with him. He would hurt anyone that embarrassed him or that he didn’t like. He would also hurt people that reminded …show more content…

His brother Joseph, was convicted of rape and murder of a 12 year old girl. Joseph Kuklinski would have most likely raped and killed many other people and would have become a serial killer, if he wasn’t caught. Joseph used the con approach during his rape and murder because he lured the girls dog onto a roof. When the girl came onto the roof to get her dog, she was raped and thrown off the building. Joseph would not have been an organized killer because seemed to be very impulsive and threw the girl’s body off the roof instead of hiding

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