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I’ve chosen to research the constellation of Scorpio for this essay. Scorpio is my zodiac sign, and it holds a lot of meaning to me. People who have Scorpio as their zodiac sign are said to be the most powerful of the signs, as well as the most suspicious. Scorpio gets it’s name from the Latin for “scorpion”. It’s symbol is ♏, like an ‘m’, with an arrow at the end. Scorpio contains many bright stars, some of the brightest are Antares, known as the “rival of Mars,” named because of its reddish appearance, Dschubba, and Shaula, meaning “sting”. There are many myths that explain the constellation of Scorpio. However, there is one that is mentioned the most, which is the myth of Scorpio vs. Orion. Orion was a hunter, and Eos, the goddess of

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