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What exactly was the Renaissance? Well I’m glad you asked, the Renaissance was technically a ‘’rebirth’’ or ‘’revival’’ of art and literature, as some people would describe it as, and it had started in Europe around the year of 1400 and had lasted until about the 1700s. The Renaissance was a time of intellectual excitement, when art and literature blossomed and groundbreaking scientific advances were being made. During this period of time large parts of scientific and cultural advances were beginning to develop, and people were beginning to see themselves in a new way. The Renaissance changed man’s view of man in at least four areas: Art, Astronomy, Literature, and last but not least Human Anatomy. The clearest evidence of the break of Medieval culture comes to the visual arts. It was the essence of the Renaissance. One begins to know the names of the artists, feel stronger emotions in the subjects, see well defined landscapes, natural folds in drapery, and the three- dimensional figures(Doc.A). …show more content…

For example, the constellation of stars called Aries the Ram controlled the head; Sagittarius the Archer controlled the thighs. The image on the right was based on the research done by Andreas Vesalius, who dissected human corpses to better explain and understand the human body to his medical students. During the Middle Ages or the Medieval times the Zodiacs, were widely believed to control the health and well being of different parts of the body. Vesalius supposedly thought that the zodiac theory of anatomy was wrong because the body has more going on with it and has more characteristics included with it. This document shows how the Renaissance changed man’s view of man because people started to realize that people have more structure and characteristics to them than what people thought they did during the

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