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In Canada, hundreds of thousands of people are perceived carrying Tim Horton’s coffee cups. From a simple doughnut and coffee shop, to a whole franchise of Tim Horton’s, Tim Horton’s has revolutionized the coffee and doughnuts industry. The purpose of this report is to discuss Tim Horton’s history, founding, and franchise, food, competitors, and its progression in the future.

Tim Horton was a man who played hockey in the NHL (National Hockey League) as his career. Later on in his life, he noticed that he could not live on his hockey career forever, and would have to find another alternative. 1964 was the year he decided that he will pursue his career towards the coffee and doughnut business, and soon opened a shop called “Tim Horton’s.” In 1965, a man named Ron Joyce wanted to join Tim in hopes of getting a good profit. By 1967, Ron managed to open two more Tim Horton’s restaurants and became full partners with Tim. Sadly, Tim died in a tragic automobile crash. At the time when he died, he had forty restaurants open. Ron Joyce purchased the restaurant chain from Tim’s wife and became the full owner of the chain. While Tim Horton’s was doing successfully with Ron Joyce, it wasn’t until the 2000 when almost everyone …show more content…

When the restaurant first opened, it only offered two products, which were doughnuts and coffee. They soon invented a new product from doughnut holes called the “Timbit” and are now available in Apple Fritter, Honey Dip, Old Fashion Plain, Old Fashion Glazed, Chocolate Glazed, Sour Cream Glazed, Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Lemon. They wanted to have a larger variety of foods and soon added muffins, croissants, tea biscuits, cookies, rolls, danishes, and bagels. In February 2009, an extension to the restaurant has been added by co-branding an American company called “Cold Stone Creamery” that sells different types of ice creams. Tim Horton’s menu changed by more food options being

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