Case Study: Harrison Mccain And Wallace Mccain

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Who are the entrepreneurs? What did they do to prepare themselves?

Harrison McCain and Wallace Mccain were Canadian businessmen and entrepreneurs, who co-founded a Canadian multinational frozen foods giant called McCain Foods Limited, along with their two brothers Robert and Andrew. Born to the owner of a seed potato exporting business, both brothers had a chance to experience working in a business and later expanding their studies in university. Wallace graduated from Mount Allison University and Harrison graduated from Acadia University studying economics. Afterwards, Harrison took a job as an insecticide salesman. However, in 2003 he stated in an interview “I wasn’t born a sales type, but I don’t mind sales. And I was good enough to suit …show more content…

In 1957, the two brothers used their $100 000 inheritance from the family seed potato business, to build the first frozen french-fry plant in eastern Canada in Florenceville, New Brunswick.By early 1960s, they overpowered the frozen French fry market in Canada and expanded operations to England. Now, McCain Foods Ltd holds a variety of products from frozens cakes to food services, including a third of the world’s french fries. Compiling annual sales of $6-billion with 20,000 employees in more than 110 countries, such as US, Australia, Belgium, France, Canada, …show more content…

What problem was solved and how?

Before the quick freezing method was discovered, people would freeze their food at fairly slow rates. But as a result, ice crystals would form and they would change the food’s flavour and texture after the defrosting process.

How were frozen foods invented?

There were two quick freezing methods which were developed. Both methods included packaging the food beforehand. In the first method, the package of food would be placed between two metal belts which were at -40°F to -45°F with the use of calcium chloride solution. The second method of quick freezing is a more popular technique. The packaged food would be held under pressure between two hollow metal plates which were at -25°F by the evaporation of ammonia.

What happened since?

The preservation of foods became easier and faster. Using the quick freezing methods not only preserved the food but it also preserved its flavour and texture. Also, using the second quick freezing method, a two-inch-thick package of meat take about 90 minutes to freeze, while fruits and vegetables only take about 30 minutes to freeze.

Are frozen foods still being used today and to what

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